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Buying a home was very exciting for a person and you are tempting to buy it as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is a little bit bothering especially if you don’t know that much thing about buying a home. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider before buying a home. 1. What type of home best suits your needs?

What are you looking for a home? Do you need a a traditional single-family home, a townhouse, a condo or a multi-family building with two to four units? Each of the type of home stated above has its own advantages and disadvantages and you have to be aware of that.

What specific features will your ideal home have?

Buying a home will always be one of the great wishes that you have so as much as possible, it should fit to your dream house. The features that you want should be there if possible.

How much loan do you qualify for? How much home can you afford?

Before choosing the house that you want, make sure that you know exactly the amount of money that is qualified for you to lend. Of course, you also have to know the monthly payment is also important, along with how much down payment you can afford, how high the property taxes are in your chosen neighborhood, how much insurance will cost, how much you anticipate spending to maintain or improve the house, and how much your closing costs will be.

Who will help you find a home and guide you through the purchase?

Make sure that you find a trusted real estate agent that will sure help you and guide you in every step that you have to take in buying a home. A good real estate agent’s expertise can protect you from any difficulties you might encounter during the process.

Make an offer.

With the help of your real estate decide how much money you want to offer for the house along with any conditions you want to ask for, like having the buyer pay for your closing costs. If noth parties will agree with the set conditions, you’ll make a good-faith deposit and the process then transitions into escrow.

Obtain a home inspection.

Also, to make sure the quality of home that you are going to buy and to see if it really fits your needs and wants, inspect the home, meticulously. Make sure also that the home is safe and it has no terrible defects.


Close or move on.

If you’re able to work out a deal with the seller, or better yet, if the inspection didn’t show any significant problems, you should be ready to close. Closing basically involves signing a lot of paperwork in a very short time period, while hoping that no problem will rise up through at the last minute.

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You’ve been pre-approved and know what you can afford, so it’s time to start home shopping. But the hunt for your dream home will stall rapidly if you don’t know what that “dream” looks like.

It’s easy to talk in generalities about wanting a “big” house or an “older” home. But in order to better target your real estate search, you must think specifically about your dream dwelling. Will your “big” house be 2,400 square feet or 5,000? When you say “older” home, do you mean one built pre-1900, or pre-1980?

Before you visit another open house, sit down and make a list of your needs and wants — and yes, those are two different things. You may want a pool, but you probably could live without it. (Plus, it’s worth considering that having a pool could raise your home insurance costs.)

Understand that your requirements list will likely change as you learn more about your housing options. Proximity to the beach may start as a priority, for example, but once you see the size of ocean-front homes you can get in your price range, you may decide a short drive to the water is quite bearable. Unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s likely you’ll need to make compromises along the way.

Use these questions to help make your very own list of housing requirements.



Financial Are you pre-approved for a mortgage? What’s your price range? Are you willing to do extra renovation?

Location Suburban, urban or rural? What city do you want to live in? Do you want easy access to highways? Are there suitable schools nearby? How important is the view? Can you sleep easily with traffic noise?

Structure One-story, two-story, townhouse or condo? Could you live in a historic home? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Want a guest room? Hardwood or carpet floors? What a Architecture style do you like best



Do you need any special features for your pets? Do you need wheelchair access or limited stairs? Do you need a space for a car or is street parking sufficient? How important is walking to you?