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When tires are no longer for use for their primary purpose, they can serve as a very beautiful and interesting decoration in gardens, on terraces or yard. With their standing in the yard or behind some storage, old tires will be will be just ugly picture and on that way they will serve just to collects rainwater or as nest of mosquitoes. They can be used in a very nice and interesting way and be very useful. From used tires can be made swings, decorative flower pots, garden table and chairs as a pouffe.


Used tires can be used as mini-gardens for vegetables and flowers. There are several advantages. These mini-gardens require less water, fertilizer and fewer weeds. The black color of tires absorbs more heat from the sun and stimulates the growth of plants.























Do you want a bookcase in your home in which you can display your beloved and cherished book collection? If yes then you can get one installed at any unused space in your home. For finding out that place, take a look at the ideas below:

Utilize The Space Under The Stairs



Build a Bookcase Around Your Bed

Claim The Space Along The Window Seat


Hack The Space of Staircase Landing


Build It Above The Breakfast Nook Seating


Carve Out a Space in Kneel Walls


Claim The Space Under The Bed


Book Lovers Would Love to Have One Bookcase in The Bathroom Too

Add a Bookcase to The TV Wall

Swap Any Door with a Bookcase


Get a Bookshelf in Your Kitchen

Use The Unused Space of Your Staircase Wall