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Bathroom mirror is usually frameless.  They are more difficult to mount because they don’t have hooks.  These are the steps to glue a mirror to your room. Before applying glue to the mirror, be sure of the location. Once the glue has dried, moving the mirror to another location will strip your wall’s paint. Mark the location on the wall. Place a board against the wall that will hold the mirror when it is in position on the wall.  Put several strips of masking tape across the board to hold it in place.   Place the mirror on top of the board and have someone hold the mirror in place while you’re marking the exact location. Apply the glue on the back of mirror at least an inch in from the outer edge. Apply all the way around the back of the mirror, and put several beads in the middle. Hold the mirror following the lines you made on the wall. When the mirror is in place, press the mirror against the wall. 5.  Use masking tape to hold the mirror while it dries.  Wait for the glue to dry.  After 24 hours, you can remove the masking tape strips and the board
Antilia Antilia is a 27 floor grand mansion that occupies 400,000 sq. ft.   It is located in Mumbai, India.  Mukesh Ambani has spent $2 billion to build this mansion.  It fetures 3 helipads, 9 high speed elevators, a spa, 50-seater theater, a ballroom, 168 parking spaces, and 600 full-time staff to maintain the residence.                                                 Villa Leopolda It is the Europe most expensive house that cost and estimated to $750 million.  It is located in Cote D’ Azure, France.  With 50 acres area, it consist of 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a movie theater, multiple kitchens and dining rooms, helipad, tennis court, and most of all it has its own private beach front.      La tour Odeon It is known to be the most expensive penthouse in Monaco, estimated to $387 million.  The 5-floor penthouse has 31,500 sq. ft.,  which occupies the 45th  through the 49th floors. Fair Field Pond It is located in Sagaponack, New York.  The property has worth estimated to $250 million, with 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, 12 chimneys, basketball court, 91 ft. dining room, a bowling alley, 164-seater-theater, and a hot tub of $150,000. One Hyde Park It is located in Knight Bridge, London, and has estimated cost to $221 million.  A five-bedroom apartment has an iris-scanning device to check anyone who wants to enter the place.  It also has a bullet-proof- windows.  It has been described as one of the best in London and has spectacular views across both Knight Bridge and Hyde Park.
Children tend to climb on furniture to get closer to something they can’t reach.  That’s why we need to secure all our furniture to prevent from injuries, or worst, death. Televisions should only be placed on furniture designed to hold them, and must be anchored to the wall or a TV stand that is out of reach of the child. When unplug, tuck the cords away to keep children from pulling on them. Place heavier things on the bottom of the furniture. Use straps and brackets to secure your TV. Install furniture with anti-tip devices. Remove fun things (such as toys…) that might tempt kids to climb. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to secure TVs and furniture properly.

We do agree with this believe that a happy, beautiful home is a source of confidence and joy in people’s lives. Thinking a new home decoration might stressful in you are boring, to create the ideal interior, you just need to know a few simple tricks. There is no need to begin a drastic repair or make a dramatic rearrangement. T he best part? Those minor updates are usually inexpensive and require practically no effort to complete.

Mirrors give the illusion of space

A colorful print on curtains can refresh any room

Hang curtains closer to the ceiling to create the illusion of large windows

Try to hide annoying wires

Easily build a bed canopy using curtain rods

Use drawers to increase storage space

Dark colors make a ceiling look higher

Hide a bed behind curtains

Play with colors to get the illusion of a high ceiling

Cover outlets and switches with colorful cases

Add a decor to your house with these easy to maintain plants.

Large plants that grow inside your house will surely catch attention and add a green touch to your space.


Schefflera (umbrella plant)

It can grow between 4 to 6 feet tall.  This tropical shrub can tolerate a little bit of direct sun. Most professional growers prune this plant to increase growth and to have a better look.  It is easy to maintain, though it requires a large pot to grow.  Good light without direct sunlight will give you the best result for this plant.


Fiddle-leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

A native to western Africa.  These grow up to 5 feet tall and grows best in lowland tropical rainforest. Plant this in a bright indirect sunlight.  Let the soil dry completely before watering it.


Ponytail Palm

An eye-catching houseplant that doesn’t require a lot of watering, it can go for weeks. It holds a lot of moisture in its bulbous trunk.  Placing this plant in a  bright light spot will help it grow more healthy.  You should let the soil dry completely before watering.


Common Fig (Ficus carica)

A native to the Middle East and Western Asia.  It is now widely grown throughout the world.  Provided with enough sunlight, this plant can bear fruit.  It can grow to 7 to 10 meters.


Kentia Palm (Howea forsteriana)

A Native to Lord Howe Island (Australia).  This plant does not need pruning or repotting.  Even those who don’t have a green thumb can grow this because it is easy to maintain.  It also doesn’t need a lot of watering, only when the soil feels dry. It is seen most often in offices.  Place this plant in an area where it can receive indirect sunlight.


Croton (Codiaeum)

It can grow as big as 10 feet tall, have variegated leaves with shades of red, yellow and green.  This plant needs a very bright light location to keep their bright colors.  It needs a location with higher humidity.

Save money for your gift wraps by recycling and using inexpensive crafts.     Scrap Wrapping Papers Don”t throw your scraps! Wrap your gift in a plain paper.  Wrap the strips vertically around the box, leaving a little space in between each.  Then, wrap the strips around the box horizontally.  Weave each strip in and out of the vertical strips, alternating over and under. Repeat until you create a woven effect and you have reach you desire width. Musical The “Jingle Bells” sheet music used to create an amazing gift wrap.  Karen Bartolomei of Grapevine used the “Jingle Bells” sheet music; she enlarged it on a copier, and printed it onto thick paper.  For finishing touches she added some ornaments. Elegant Gift Bag By adding simple embellishments, ordinary brown paper bags are transformed into elegant wrappings. Lace ribbons through two small holes in the flap of a bag, then tie a millinery fruit into the knot. Vintage-feel wrap Vintage-look papers, buttons and lace brown ribbons make great handcrafted packages. Mix Tape Plain Kraft paper is dressed up with colorful masking tapes, and then the frayed striped drinking straws used as a topper. Sweet idea Plain paper, folded cupcake liners and twine go together for a simple but unusual wrap.  Use different sizes of cupcake liners.
Paint Fumes?  No worries at all! After painting a room of your house, surely, it’s going to smell overwhelmingly like paint fumes. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to get rid of that smell faster.  Here are some of the easy ways: Ventilation Opening some windows and doors during day and night are ideal.  Putting a fan in the room for this period will also clear up the fumes faster. Bucket of Water You can simply place a few of buckets of water around the room to absorb the solvent vapors.  Using the bucket method is a bit safer if you’re painting a room finished with or made with wood. Onion You just have to cut an onion half.  Then, set them out on plates throughout the room.  This will absorb the odor and your room won’t smell onions either. Vanilla extract Add a drop or two of vanilla extract to each gallon of paint. This will bring a much more pleasant aroma to the room you’re painting.  Or, add drops of vanilla extract to cotton balls or in a small bowls of water and set them out in the room. Light a scented candle Place the candle on top of a bowl of water to.  They burn up some of the vapors and cover the smell. Vinegar Place bowls of vinegar around the room to neutralize odors. Lemon Place lemon slices in bowls all over the newly painted room for a day or two and throw them out later to remove any unpleasant paint smells. Charcoal This  can be used to deodorize any chemical odor.  Place the small pieces of charcoal in containers and leave overnight around the room.

A small bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing…. there’s less square footage to clean, it’s cozy and snug and with less furniture, it’s easier to decorate. Still, many people with small rooms want to make the space look larger than it really is.  If you fall into that group, there’s no need to call a contractor – with a few decorating tricks, you can make your room look bigger, no remodeling required.


Go Dark


You’ve probably always heard that a small room needs white walls to open up the space. While it’s true that white DOES give an airy, open appearance, it’s also true that dark colors visually recede, making something that’s dark look further away than it really is. Take advantage of that color wizardry by painting your walls a medium-to-dark shade of a cool color like indigo blue, hunter green or charcoal gray. If you don’t want that much drama, paint just one wall in your favorite dark shade.


Careful with Pattern


A small room doesn’t mean you are limited to tiny prints or to no pattern at all. But if you want your small room to look more spacious, it’s best to limit large prints to small accents, such as throw pillows, sheets or lampshades. Use solids or small-scale patterns on your comforter, window coverings and upholstered furniture.


Bare the Floor


Breaking up your floor space with small area rugs is a sure way to make a small room look even smaller. Whatever your flooring choice, if you want your room to look larger, think wall to wall.


That doesn’t only mean carpet — Bare hardwood or laminate floors with a slightly glossy finish are also excellent for visually opening a space. If you want to use an area rug, choose one large enough to fill nearly the entire room.


Drape It


The right drapes work double-duty to open up a small space. First, choose drapes the same color as your walls. Second, hang them up high, with the rod just an inch or two below the ceiling line, and the fabric hanging to the floor. The lack of color contrast with the wall makes the room look wider, while the long curtains make the ceiling look higher. It’s a double win for a small room.


Let There Be Light


A dim room feels claustrophobic. Dispel the darkness with good lighting – even in a small bedroom, you need at least two sources of light. At a minimum, you’ll need a bedside lamp and a floor lamp across the room. If you have ceiling lighting as well, that’s even better.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


You can’t beat the eye-fooling qualities of a mirror for visually enlarging a small room. And you need at least one large or full-length mirror in the bedroom anyway, or how will you know if those shoes complement that outfit? Hang a large mirror over your dresser, or install full-size mirrors on your closet doors.


Forget the Footboard


While every bed needs a headboard of some sort to balance the large horizontal surface of the mattress, footboards or benches at the bottom of the bed are optional. If your bedroom is very small, and especially if there is little space between the end of the mattress and the wall, skip the footboard. Instead, match your bed skirt to your comforter, or use a bedspread that drapes to the floor. An unbroken line of fabric keeps the eyes moving, making your room look a little bigger.


Color it Clear


Just as a window expands a room by allowing the eye to travel beyond its confines, clear glass or Plexiglas furniture opens up a space by eliminating visual weight in front of the walls. You wouldn’t want a clear bed or dresser, but a see-through bedside table or vanity work perfectly in the small bedroom, and look very contemporary. If that isn’t your style, consider a metal-framed piece with a glass top instead.

Shoe Organization

Ironing Board Hanger

Drawer Diveder

Lid Organizer


Make-Up Organization









Plastic is harmful for the environment, and everyone knows it. To give up from plastic is very difficult, it is very widely used in the home. So the best way is to use recycled plastic again. These products are extremely interesting and attractive for buyers.


What can be made from a plastic bottle with its own hands? How to give second life to the plastic bottles will learn in this article. You can make many items from plastic bottles that are strikingly different.