Home Color Trends 2017

More and more interior designers as well as homeowners want to create a cozy lifestyle to diffuse the outside stress. The trends also point towards ‘lived in homes’. What this means is people do not want everything to be spic and span. Instead; they are actually looking for weathered, lived in homes with cracks and crevices each of which tells a story. These color schemes can be inspirational to decorate your home.

Byzantine Blue 

The perfect color for 2017! It is ideal for kitchens, living rooms and even the bedrooms. Although the name says Blue, the color is more of purple. In fact; it can be said to combine the best qualities of blue, purple and gray and this combination makes it ideal for several rooms and even the office.

Mineral Gray

Many homeowners and designers alike are also willing to work with Grays. Mineral gray is especially popular since it is glamorous, elegant and luxurious. It is an ideal choice for the kitchen; you can use it on walls as well as the cabinets to infuse an eclectic look to your home décor.


Purple and lavender paint colors have emerged as new options for decorating. The new purple shades are light and very versatile thanks to their muted undertones. Olympic—Cloudberry can be used in place of any cool neutral if you’re craving more color than the many gray paint colors that are popular right now. To use Cloudberry right, you’ll want to avoid treating it like lavender or other sweet pastel. Pair this comfortable color with accents like cream, charcoal gray, and even gold. You’ll want to avoid using pastel accent colors in your palette if you’d like to create a more sophisticated space with Cloudberry.

Crushed Oregano 

Crushed Oregano is a warm green with a lot of yellow undertone which makes it an excellent choice for kitchens or any room where you’d like to add energy and light. Keep your accents simple with Crushed Oregano with colors like white, brown, and gold. Cool colors like a soft turquoise or pink can add some softness to tone down Crushed Oregano in a living room or guest room. You’ll want to sample this energetic green paint color before committing to be sure that it’s right for your space.

Denim Drift

This soft color is moody gray with a hint of blue that would be a soothing choice for a bedroom, but could also be wonderful in a contemporary living room. The blue in Denim Drift is so muted that it is nearly neutral and can be treated as a gray paint color in most rooms. Try paring the Denim Drift with off white and muted pastels for a dreamy look in any room.