Jul 21, 2017



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Amabrush a device three years in the making with a single goal to make tooth brushing quicker, automatic, and more efficient so you have more time for the relevant things in your life. Amabrush can brush your teeth in just 10 seconds, because all your teeth are cleaned simultaneously. Even in these 10 seconds, every tooth surface is cleaned longer compared with common toothbrushes. If you brush your teeth for the recommended 120 seconds with a regular toothbrush in manual or electric, every surface gets brushed for just 1.25 seconds given the fact that you have 32 teeth and every tooth has three surface. Amabrush brushes all your surfaces for whole 10 seconds. Amabrush is the world’s first, fully automatic toothbrush. This patent pending device brushes all your teeth at once, fully automatic, and finishes in just ten seconds. All you have to do is press a single button, wait ten seconds, and you’ll have perfectly clean teeth. Brushing teeth is a job where you must be highly concentrated. Toothbrushes should be held like pencils, so that pressure is as light as possible. The bristles should be soft, in order to not damage your gums. And you should just wiggle the toothbrush with subtle vibrations, instead of doing long strokes. Electric toothbrushes are handled differently than manual ones. With them, you shouldn’t stroke at all. These toothbrushes are designed to be held in place, so that the micro vibrations of the bristles can do their job All Amabrush units come equipped with a sound and light indicator, that is able to signal various different information about the current battery status, finished toothbrushing sessions, errors and other scenarios. It features integrate Bluetooth to all of our rewards at no additional cost. With our Amabrush App for iOS & Android, users are able to connect to your Amabrush unit and make use of various possibilities. You can set different vibration modes such as gum massage, whitening, burst mode, and many more configure. There are also types of mode including in the mode such as cleaning time, reorder replacement parts and do many things more. Amabrush was designed to make tooth brushing less annoying. Some of us hate tooth brushing so much; that we brush not concentrated enough, not long enough, not good enough, or not at all. And some of us simply cannot brush correctly at all, because they are not able to do so.