Your dog is happiest when you’re home. They are social animals, and living in a group is part of their nature.   However, not many of us can spend all day with our dogs, although it would be great if we could. We all need to leave at home especially when going to work and for school.  You don’t need to as long as you follow these tips.


How long can you leave your dog
Young puppies should not be left alone for long periods during the day – around two hours a day is the limit. And Adult dogs those over 18 months of age can be left alone four to six hours a day. However, it is now advisable to leave your dog for a long time.

House Training
Make him feel that being alone is okay. Your pet should learn that being on his own is normal and safe, so give him a treat when you leave the house but not as a reward when you return.

Make your dog tired
Before leaving  give him some good, hard, morning exercise. This will give you the chance to leave the house without troubles.

Keep your dog busy
Put away his food bowl and use food-dispensing toys instead. And make sure he has constructive ways to occupy his time when you’re not around.

Encourage your children to come home right away
Teach your kids that going home early are for their pet’s needs and jump into a fun game of “fetch” or “cat and mouse” before starting other after school activities.