Worrying for the cleanliness of your house? Having a germ issues at your home? Here are some tips for a germ free home

  • Scheduled Cleaning
    Cleaning a little every day is the easiest way to clean your home.
  • Utilize fans
    Concentrate on a high moisture area is the breeding ground of bacteria. Eliminating the excess humidity and humidity will help you
  • Wash your beddings
    Wash the bed sheets, towels and other it is the home of dust mites.
  • Clean curtains and ceiling fans
    these items can trap dust and germs you must clean it often
  • Separate cutting boards
    Separate the cut boards for raw meat, it is also important to clean cut boards after use
  • Store your toothbrush
    Leaving tour toothbrush in an open area In your bathroom counter can cause it to become infected with germs
  • Disinfect your sponge
    sponges are filled with germs and bacteria so it should be cleaned or replaced often
  • Change the filters
    you must clean your aircon and vent filter to eliminate germs in the air