Having a hard time smelling that bad odor at your house.

Here are some helpful tips to deodorize your home.


  • Stinky Bathroom
    Prepare essential oil and put it in on a small bowl. It will absorb the odor at the bathroom.
  • Hang some clean socks filled with dry coffee ground.


  • Smelly pet
    Rub their fur with baking soda then brush it. This well help to get rid of the odor.

  • Toilet
    Put a vinegar on the toilet bowl let it sit for 5 minutes then brush it. The vinegar will remove the odor.

  • Sour smelling garbage
    Put lime rinds or lemons and cold water on the garbage.

  • To avoid fishy smell
    Put some vinegar on a bowl and put it beside the stove, the vinegar will help to absorb the fishy smell.


  • Musty freezer
    put a sock filled with dry ground coffee to deodorize your fridge