Protecting your home while on a vacation

May 30, 2017



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Always worrying the safety of your home? Here are the tips that will remove your worries.


  • Provide a monitoring system
    Choose what security system that fits your home. There are system that can provide you realtime video of your home, so that you can check it from time to time.
  • Have someone will look for it
    You can ask your neighbor to look into your house and update you from time to time
  • Have your mail and newspapers hold
    A big pile of newspapers and mails on your home shows that you’re no on your home. You can hold it while your away, or have someone will fetch it
  • Keep a low profile on Social Media
    Don’t post or advertise vacation while you’re not at your home.
  • Lock UP!

If you have a safe put your valuable on it, or try to put your valuables in unusual places

  • Don’t leave a hidden key!

Thieves will always look for the spare key and they will easily find it. Spare keys should be given to your relatives and friends.

  • Install outdoor sensor light
    Setting up a timers for your indoor lights will give the impression that you’re at home at night