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Fruits are important to our lives because of the nutrients that it give us. It is a healthy food that Doctors recommend to eat it every day. As much as possible, we want fruits in out tables every meal but sometimes we fail because it will cost somethings from us. Now, here are 7 fruits that you can now plant in your backyard or in your pots. Once your plants grow in your pots, you can now transfer it to better space and prune it every year.




Unlike some other plants, grapes need proper drainage, so make sure to put stones at the bottom of the pot, then top it with soil and some mulch. Also, grapes need to be planted in a well-ventilated place.



To grow strawberries at home, you’ll need 5-6 inches’ deep container that contains soil with a pH between 5.6 and 6.3, and you’ll need a quality fertilizer as well. Start growing the fruit from seeds or a sprouted plant, but be careful to give enough space for these plants. Strawberries need a lot of sun, so put them in a sunny spot, or use artificial lightning if your home if necessary.

3.    PAPAYA

Growing papayas at home is not ] difficult as you may think – the tropical fruit can grow well in areas with 65 F or higher easily. Papayas need a lot of sun and watering, and they also need to be trimmed regularly. They are slow growing fruits, so you really have to be patient waiting for 6 to 8 months for it to bear fruit.

4.    FIGS

Start growing your figs from a pre-started tree. The pot needs to have drainage holes, and the plant likes a lot of sun, although you shouldn’t put it in direct sunlight. Figs flourish at 65 degrees and should be watered regularly. However, make sure not to let the plant sit in excess water at the bottom.


Mulberries are a joy to watch, but they need a lot of time to grow. Instead of waiting for 10 years, you can grow your mulberry tree from seeds, or but a semi-dwarf tree and grow it on your own. The mulberry tree should be kept in a sunny spot and requires a large pot with big drainage holes. The roots need to be kept wet, but don’t let the container under the plant to be full of water all the time. Water the plant when the soil is dry, and add fertilizer every 6 months for best results.


Apricots are soil-less plants that need a pot with proper drainage and good compost. They love the sun, so make sure to keep them in a sunny area. The plants can be hand-pollinated with a paintbrush and easy to maintain.


Watermelons need a big pot due to their size and a moist and sandy soil. They need a lot of sunlight, so make sure to keep them outside in a sunny area. Create a support system for the vines with some wire and framework in order for them to grow vertically.

Curtains are important factors in your houses. Aside from it adds beauty to your house, it also blocks dirt and other particles in the air. Here are some suggested curtains that could match your house’s design.







We don’t know when accidents will come in our household. With that, we should be knowledgeable enough about what are the correct things that we can do to prevent too much damage to happen or to prevent damage to happen at all. Fire accident is one of the frequent accidents that happens in our community nowadays. To prevent that loss of love ones and important things during a fire accident, here are some tips that we should bear in mind. Check all electrical wirings regularly.

At least every month, let’s make sure that our electrical wirings at home will be checked by a knowledgeable person or by an electrical engineer if possible. Damage electrical wirings is one of the top reasons why fire accident happens.


1.    Avoid electrical overloading. Avoid using extension cords to use several gadgets at a time to avoid overloading. Also, large appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators should have their own outlet. Therefore when your appliance are not in use, make sure that you unplug them. It will help to decrease your electrical consumption and will prevent fire as well. 2.    Install smoke alarms.

Even if it will cost you something, installing smoke alarms are one of the effective ways to know if there will be a chance for a fire accident to happen.

3.    Do not smoke inside the house.

Use an ashtray and crush your cigarette stubs thoroughly to put out the flame. Douse it in water to make sure the fire is out.

4.    Keep matches and other flammable objects out of your children’s reach.

Put matches or other flammable materials in a high place away from your children’s sight.

5.    Keep the burning candles within your sight.

As much as possible, never let a candle burning overnight. Make sure that you will keep burning candles within your sight. It might burn things in your house accidentally that might cause a fire accident.

6.    Keep an eye on your cooking.

While cooking, make sure that you are focused in what you’re doing especially when you are using fire.

7.    Do not store any flammable substance or any corrosive liquid in the kitchen.

Make sure that no flammable substances will be kept in your kitchen. This might be a cause of fire especially that it is hot in your kitchen that might cause corrosive liquids or substances to explode and build a fire.

8.    Make sure to inspect your kitchen before you go to sleep.

Check your kitchen before you sleep. Check if the LPG is not open and if there are no kitchen appliances plugged in in your kitchen.


9.    Check your LPG tank.

As part of checking your kitchen, you should know how to check your LPG tank. It should have the safety cap and security seal. Make sure to use the correct hose and that the regulator is attached securely to the cylinder valve. You can check for leaks by applying soapy water.


10. Have a fire extinguisher on hand since the kitchen area is where most fires start.

To be prepared always, make sure that you have fire extinguisher in your kitchen where most fire accidents usually happen.


11. Know where the main emergency fire doors are. 12. Make a fire escape plan including escape routes and meeting places.

If you are living in a condominium or in a building, make sure that you know the way going to the fire exit. Especially during emergencies, we should always know the fastest and the easiest way out.


13. Have emergency numbers ready.

For emergency purposes, you have to save emergency numbers to call for faster way of asking for help.

Vinegar is considered to be a miracle cleaning fluid. Its power is proven in cleaning dull, cloudy glasses and tough toilet bowl stains before. Now, it could be use also in a fridge dispenser! Here is how you can vinegar anywhere that white gunk shows up.

But or get a vinegar Put it in a cup where your silverware can be put as well Left in there for few seconds After few seconds, took the silverware out. Use a clothed to wipe them down.

After this five simple steps, your silverware are as good as new!

Indeed, vinegar is our new best friend in maintaining things in our house clean.

            We always want us and our families to be secured all the time. Yes, there are policemen to guard us and to maintain peace in our place but we can never tell when an accident is about to come and would risk our family’s security. With that, we should be more careful and do things that would make us safer inside our house. Here are some tips that you can consider doing to make you and your family feel safer.

1.    Change the locks – make sure to replace your locks when you are about to transfer to a new house.





2.    Install a security system – homes are best protected by alarm systems. This are great ways to scar those people who plan to do bad things to your household. Also, it will immediately inform the authority about a potential danger. Keep your security wirings hidden so that bad people won’t have the opportunity to cut it. 3.    Always make your house look occupied – usually, homes that seems to be unoccupied invites thieves or other bad people to enter it. Light the entrance of your house always to keep thieves away. Also, if you are about to leave the house, see to it also that you will not leave your keys in your mailbox or under your doormat. 4.    For doors, use deadbolt locks, make interior hinges and use metal bars on sliding doors – even if this one will cost you higher than other locks, this will surely make you safer inside your house because it is stronger and more protected. Also, make sure that your hinges are not place outside for it will just be easy for thieves to pull it off. For those using sliding doors or sliding windows, make sure that you put metal bar along the bottom track of the door or window. The metal bar will make it hard forcing the door or window to open. 5.    Protect your windows – when your doors are so much protected, the way of thieves to enter your house are your windows that’s why you also have to protect it by installing window locks or use high quality windows that would prevent them from entering in it.