Common cleaning mistake you are doing at your home

  • Warm water and soap does not work well with wooden chop boards
    -after cutting poultry and raw meat products just soak it with bleach solution to prevent cross contamination of bacteria
  • Using same towel at the different surfaces.
    – You are just spreading the bacteria; even though your towel looks new it might contain bacteria. Better use a new one to clean other surfaces
  • Using feather duster to clean dusty surfaces
    – if you use feather duster you are just spreading the dust at your home, instead use microfiber cloth to clean surfaces.
  • Too much fab con on your clothes
    – using too much fab con on your clothes will destroy your clothes. It will make your clothes stiffer and scratchy
  • Forgetting to clean your vacuum

-If you do this once again your just spreading the dirt. Replace the dirt bag and or empty the canister after use.