Having a hard time cleaning your kitchen here are some smart tips that will save your day.

  1. Use baking soda to clean silver. The baking soda will easily remove the stains in your silver sets. The reaction of the baking soda and to the silver will do it. Prepare some hot water and baking soda and mix the two. Pour the mix over the silver and wait for five minutes. After doing that rinse it with clean water.

 2. Clean your coffee grinder with white rice. Just simply put some rice on your coffee grinder and let it run to remove trapped coffee grounds and bad odors. Remove the rice and wiped the grinder.

3. Use a coffee filter on your Television or Computer monitor. Use that to dust off your appliances safely and quickly.

4. Use some ice cubes made off vinegar to wash off the bad odor of your garbage.

5.  Use pillow case for removing dust on your ceiling fan. Just hung the pillow case on a blade and slowly remove the pillow case. Just repeat it from the other blades to avoid flying of the dust.