Cleaning Antique Furniture

Antiques furniture even if they are old already have a great value to its owners. With that, to preserve the lives of these furniture, we have to clean it from time to time. Here are some ways to clean your antique materials.

*Care is needed when cleaning dirty antique furniture

Wipe away the dusts and cobwebs. For your cabinet, take the drawers out. This way, you can check clearly whether there is/are something to repair in your furniture. If there are some things to repair, be ready to stick down any loose veneer using a reversible glue.

*Cleaning antique furniture are time consuming but was definitely fun

In addition, you will have to repair the feet and moldings. Also, taking off the moldings will make it easier to varnish the furniture.

A wood soap or a wood floor soap mixed with warm water is better to use in your antique furniture. Apply the soap to the side of the furniture that you want to start with.  Leave it for a minute and after, using clean water and clean wet cloth, wrung well out, wipe off the soap.

Reminder, do not use too much water and do not rub the furniture too hard.

If the dirt is too great that it was not wiped away, use vinegar to resolve the problem.

Finally, to coat the furniture with a new wad of shellac. But before that, and down with a good quality fine sandpaper. When you have an even surface free of dust, then go over with a rubber of shellac.

Now, your antique furniture look better now and it will surely last for more years.