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Always worrying the safety of your home? Here are the tips that will remove your worries.


Provide a monitoring system Choose what security system that fits your home. There are system that can provide you realtime video of your home, so that you can check it from time to time. Have someone will look for it You can ask your neighbor to look into your house and update you from time to time Have your mail and newspapers hold A big pile of newspapers and mails on your home shows that you’re no on your home. You can hold it while your away, or have someone will fetch it Keep a low profile on Social Media Don’t post or advertise vacation while you’re not at your home. Lock UP!

If you have a safe put your valuable on it, or try to put your valuables in unusual places

Don’t leave a hidden key!

Thieves will always look for the spare key and they will easily find it. Spare keys should be given to your relatives and friends.

Install outdoor sensor light Setting up a timers for your indoor lights will give the impression that you’re at home at night

Drawing on walls -try using WD-4O, prepare some clothe and spray on the affected part the scrub it

Cloudy Headlights – Use toothpaste, apply some to a microfiber cloth then scrub it on the head lights then rinse it with water


Hand stains from food color -scrub a slice of lime on your hands this will you to remove the stain

Clogged sink -prepare baking soda and put it on the hole and add some vinegar wait for one hour


Greasy stove filter -boil some water and put baking soda in it and put the stove filter

Strong odors To remove strong odors apply toothpaste at your hand this will take off the smell


Having a hard time smelling that bad odor at your house.

Here are some helpful tips to deodorize your home.


Stinky Bathroom Prepare essential oil and put it in on a small bowl. It will absorb the odor at the bathroom. Hang some clean socks filled with dry coffee ground.


Smelly pet Rub their fur with baking soda then brush it. This well help to get rid of the odor.

Toilet Put a vinegar on the toilet bowl let it sit for 5 minutes then brush it. The vinegar will remove the odor.

Sour smelling garbage Put lime rinds or lemons and cold water on the garbage.

To avoid fishy smell Put some vinegar on a bowl and put it beside the stove, the vinegar will help to absorb the fishy smell.


Musty freezer put a sock filled with dry ground coffee to deodorize your fridge


Warm water and soap does not work well with wooden chop boards -after cutting poultry and raw meat products just soak it with bleach solution to prevent cross contamination of bacteria Using same towel at the different surfaces. – You are just spreading the bacteria; even though your towel looks new it might contain bacteria. Better use a new one to clean other surfaces Using feather duster to clean dusty surfaces – if you use feather duster you are just spreading the dust at your home, instead use microfiber cloth to clean surfaces. Too much fab con on your clothes – using too much fab con on your clothes will destroy your clothes. It will make your clothes stiffer and scratchy Forgetting to clean your vacuum

-If you do this once again your just spreading the dirt. Replace the dirt bag and or empty the canister after use.

Having a hard time cleaning your kitchen here are some smart tips that will save your day.

Use baking soda to clean silver. The baking soda will easily remove the stains in your silver sets. The reaction of the baking soda and to the silver will do it. Prepare some hot water and baking soda and mix the two. Pour the mix over the silver and wait for five minutes. After doing that rinse it with clean water.

 2. Clean your coffee grinder with white rice. Just simply put some rice on your coffee grinder and let it run to remove trapped coffee grounds and bad odors. Remove the rice and wiped the grinder.

3. Use a coffee filter on your Television or Computer monitor. Use that to dust off your appliances safely and quickly.

4. Use some ice cubes made off vinegar to wash off the bad odor of your garbage.

5.  Use pillow case for removing dust on your ceiling fan. Just hung the pillow case on a blade and slowly remove the pillow case. Just repeat it from the other blades to avoid flying of the dust.


Prepare hot water, baking soda, lemon, Dishwashing liquid. Mix all the ingredients. Soak all the removable parts and thoroughly clean it with micro fiber cloth. Clean the inner part of the oven, Scrape all the food stain using dishwashing liquid with spoon or blunt blade. Avoid the fan, seals and the grill element this might cause great damage to oven. Use microfiber cloth and water to rinse your oven. Just use the same materials to clean other parts of the oven. Buff your oven with a clean kitchen towel and allow the air to dry your oven.


Squeegee to get rid of pet hair from your carpets. Try to rub and push the squeegee at the area with a lot of hairs. It will lessen the effort you put in vacuuming your carpet.

2. Applying mineral oil to remove grease stain. Pour some mineral oil in a towel and rub it on a greasy Item to remove grease oil.

3. Using dryer sheets to remove dust from your blinds

4.Using lint roller to dust away your home. Push the roller in the area where there are dust to remove it.


5. Put plastic food wrap to protect your fridge shelves from food stains and dirt.






















Have you ever experience that moment where you never remember if you’ve locked the front door, switched off the iron or put your keys in your bag? Now, Science has discovered he explanation for that.

Why can’t we really remember whether we’ve done these simple yet vital everyday tasks that we have?

Experts say that you cannot really remember those things together with the commute home from work, or the walk to the station because you have completed those have-to tasks on autopilot.

The fact that you usually do them every day is one of the major reasons why you don’t have to think about them. When you don’t think about those things, you can’t recall whether you did them or not. Until the anxious part of your brain activates and questions whether you really did those stuffs.

Idriz Zogaj, Co-Founder at personal development and mental wellbeing app Remente said that, “The main reason why we forget small things, like if we locked the door, switched off the oven or the lights in the kitchen, is primarily because these are tasks that we complete on auto-pilot.”

He added, “You will lock your front door every day before you leave, but you will also do this while you are focused on making sure that you have everything you need, trying not to miss your bus and even probably worrying about the day ahead. Because you complete the task on autopilot, the brain doesn’t focus on it as much as the more pressing concerns, like being late for work.”

So, what can we do to be assured that we do the important tasks of our everyday life?

Zogai suggested that being mindful enough of the tasks that we do will make us remember those things. He said, “The best thing that you can do to prevent the forgetfulness is to be mindful and focus on each task that you perform to make sure that you don’t have to run back to check if your door is shut!”

Another suggestion that came from was every time you do your usual tasks, simultaneously do a clever act that will make you remember those tasks. One clever act that you can do is to do a crazy dance or announcing out loud that you’re locking the door. This may look weird for your neighbors but doing this will stop you being on autopilot and force you to think about what you’re actually doing.

So whenever you are bothered of the questions like “have I locked the door?”, “did I unplug the electric fan?”, or  “did I close the bathroom window?”,  you don’t have to go back and check, all you need to do is remember the silly dance that you did while doing such stuffs.

Antiques furniture even if they are old already have a great value to its owners. With that, to preserve the lives of these furniture, we have to clean it from time to time. Here are some ways to clean your antique materials.

*Care is needed when cleaning dirty antique furniture

Wipe away the dusts and cobwebs. For your cabinet, take the drawers out. This way, you can check clearly whether there is/are something to repair in your furniture. If there are some things to repair, be ready to stick down any loose veneer using a reversible glue.

*Cleaning antique furniture are time consuming but was definitely fun

In addition, you will have to repair the feet and moldings. Also, taking off the moldings will make it easier to varnish the furniture.

A wood soap or a wood floor soap mixed with warm water is better to use in your antique furniture. Apply the soap to the side of the furniture that you want to start with.  Leave it for a minute and after, using clean water and clean wet cloth, wrung well out, wipe off the soap.

Reminder, do not use too much water and do not rub the furniture too hard.

If the dirt is too great that it was not wiped away, use vinegar to resolve the problem.

Finally, to coat the furniture with a new wad of shellac. But before that, and down with a good quality fine sandpaper. When you have an even surface free of dust, then go over with a rubber of shellac.

Now, your antique furniture look better now and it will surely last for more years.


Buying a home was very exciting for a person and you are tempting to buy it as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is a little bit bothering especially if you don’t know that much thing about buying a home. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider before buying a home. 1. What type of home best suits your needs?

What are you looking for a home? Do you need a a traditional single-family home, a townhouse, a condo or a multi-family building with two to four units? Each of the type of home stated above has its own advantages and disadvantages and you have to be aware of that.

What specific features will your ideal home have?

Buying a home will always be one of the great wishes that you have so as much as possible, it should fit to your dream house. The features that you want should be there if possible.

How much loan do you qualify for? How much home can you afford?

Before choosing the house that you want, make sure that you know exactly the amount of money that is qualified for you to lend. Of course, you also have to know the monthly payment is also important, along with how much down payment you can afford, how high the property taxes are in your chosen neighborhood, how much insurance will cost, how much you anticipate spending to maintain or improve the house, and how much your closing costs will be.

Who will help you find a home and guide you through the purchase?

Make sure that you find a trusted real estate agent that will sure help you and guide you in every step that you have to take in buying a home. A good real estate agent’s expertise can protect you from any difficulties you might encounter during the process.

Make an offer.

With the help of your real estate decide how much money you want to offer for the house along with any conditions you want to ask for, like having the buyer pay for your closing costs. If noth parties will agree with the set conditions, you’ll make a good-faith deposit and the process then transitions into escrow.

Obtain a home inspection.

Also, to make sure the quality of home that you are going to buy and to see if it really fits your needs and wants, inspect the home, meticulously. Make sure also that the home is safe and it has no terrible defects.


Close or move on.

If you’re able to work out a deal with the seller, or better yet, if the inspection didn’t show any significant problems, you should be ready to close. Closing basically involves signing a lot of paperwork in a very short time period, while hoping that no problem will rise up through at the last minute.