Remove Heat Marks From Your Dining Table

Wood furniture especially dining table gets stained easily from hot items or fire that touches it surface.  But fortunately, most minor burns in wood may be able to remove.


Try one of these steps:

  • Mix equal amount of baking soda and non-gel toothpaste and rub into the marks. Wipe off with clean cloth. If the marks are still there, rub it again with paste.
  • Make a paste of lemon juice and cigarette ash, then, rub on the paste with 0000-steel wool. Once the wood is exposed, stop rubbing.
  • Make a paste of salt and olive oil and let sit for at least one hour. Wipe off with dry cloth.
  • Mix equal amount of vinegar and olive oil, then rub into the marks.
  • Mix a solution of oxalic acid crystals and water and dab into the marks with a cotton swab. Let it soak for 20 minutes or more, then, wipe off.

Dab a solution of baking soda and a water and clean with dry cloth