Summer is a great time of the year, but, it is also less convenient for people because of too much hotness that it brings. People look for ways to make them feel better- they go to the beach, malls or they install air conditioner in their houses. But if you don’t have the money and have no choice but to stay at home, here are some tips about how you can design your homes that could lessen the hotness of summer.

  1. Keep your curtains closed.

Aside from it can save up to 7 percent of your electric bill, it can also lower the temperature up to 20 degrees.

  1. Innovate the use of your electric fans

Aside from just letting your electric fans work, you can also improve the coolness of the air that it brings by filling a bowl with ice and positioning it in front of the electric fan. It will surely make you feel better. Must try!

  1. Change your sheets to cotton

Unlike other textiles that is good for insulation, cotton is a smarter move this summer for it stays cooler.

  1. Turn on your kitchen fans

Exhaust fans pull the hot air that rises after you cook.

  1. Let the night air in

During summer months, the temperature lowers during nighttime. During this time, make sure that your windows and doors are open to give way for the cooler air. Just make sure that you’ll close the curtains in the morning before the hot air enters.

  1. Replace your incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs waste 90 percent of their energy in emitting heat. Replacing them will make a difference in your home’s temperature and in your electric bill. CFLs are better to use and it save energy as well.

  1. Consider grilling

    Barbecue grill

Using your ovens or stoves will make your house hotter. During summers and there is so much hotness in your house, the last thing you should do is make use of your oven and stove.

  1. Improve your houses, plant trees

For improvements, you can insulate your window films and plant trees in front of your house. Less heat will reach your house if there are plants that will block ad absorb it.

Those are simple ways to make you feel cooler despite of the sun’s extreme heat outside. Try doing some of these now and have a great summer.