Materials You Should Never Use In Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the busy-area in your home.  So, it is important that we consider the right materials to be used and its durability before we come to mistake and spend high-cost for the repair or remodeling.

Here are some materials to avoid for your kitchen:

Plastic Laminate Counters

This should never be used in your kitchen countertops.  This is easy to melt with just one misplacing of hot object or utensil.  They also scratch easily and delaminate.

Laminated Cabinet Fronts



Avoid cheaper vinyl cabinet fronts.  This material is not heat resistant, when there’s a lot of heat from the oven, it could warp or split into layers.

Glossy Lacquered Cabinets


A glossy look can be eye-catching, but it is not preferable for frequently used kitchen. It is susceptible to scratches.  Also, high-gloss can be pricey.

Low quality Vinyl Flooring


If you have low quality vinyl floorings, and you spend all day stepping on it, it will become thinner and will be delaminated sooner.


Never use carpet in your kitchen.  Any kind of carpets get stained easily and collect dirt and foods you dropped.

Flat Paint

Don’t use flat paint if you want a durable paint for your kitchen.  In just one splatter of sauce, you can ruin the paint.  High-gloss paint is a good choice in this area; it can stand up to several scrubbings.

Trendy Materials


Avoid super trendy colors and materials when it comes to backsplashes, countertops, or even floors.  Trends change and so with your taste.   Also, trendy materials are usually expensive.  Choose the classic tiles for the backsplash that matches to the countertop, and remember that you must prefer materials that will last longer.