Repainting your wall is as easy as the first time you paint it.


  • Scrape away loose, flaking, or peeling paint using the paint scraper.

  • Fill any holes and cracks with a flexible filler using the putty knife. Apply a thin layer and allow dry up completely.

  • Sand the surface with a medium fine sand paper, then, wash with sugar soap and warm water. If there’s any mold, remove by using mold solution.


  • Load up your brush with paint. Start applying at the top of the wall.  Paint down each corner, and across the bottom.

  • Pour the paint into a paint tray and dip the roller into the paint. Make sure it’s fully loaded.


  • Start applying the paint from the bottom to the top and spread it out. For even finish, keep the roller loaded.  Use a roller extension pole to reach the top of the wall.

  • Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat following the same steps as the first coat.