How To Maintain House Cleaning Tools And Equipment

Mar 14, 2017



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House cleaning tools and equipment are one of the essentials in the house.  But, sometimes after cleaning, we easily forget to clean the tools.  Making a habit of cleaning and maintaining them regularly will keep your tools increase the service life, as well as the performance of the equipment.  This will also save you money from having to replace them quickly.


Broom and dustpan 

The best way to clean the broom is to comb the bristles regularly.

Occasionally, wash the entire broom and dustpan with a mild dish soap and water to keep it clean. Pat the tool dry or allow it to air dry afterward.


Store your broom off of the ground. Be sure to hang your broom against a wall or from a ceiling. Storing the broom on its bristles will result to a bent and split bristles.



Vacuum cleaner.  A vacuum cleaner needs more frequent maintenance.


Clean the the bag or canister on a vacuum cleaned and empty.

Be sure to clean the air filter.  Every few uses the vacuum cleaner’s air filter should be cleaned.

Clean the brush roll.  It easily becomes wrapped in hair and other long fibers. This hair and debris can be removed with your fingers.


Mop heads, cleaning cloths and rags.  All of these items can be cleaned by using a detergent or hot water and vinegar to sanitize. Be sure to air dry before storing.



Sponges.  These sponges can quickly become covered with bacteria.  Soak the sponges in a mild bleach solution, or for most bacteria reduction use an undiluted vinegar.