Bathroom mirror is usually frameless.  They are more difficult to mount because they don’t have hooks.  These are the steps to glue a mirror to your room.

  1. Before applying glue to the mirror, be sure of the location. Once the glue has dried, moving the mirror to another location will strip your wall’s paint.

  2. Mark the location on the wall. Place a board against the wall that will hold the mirror when it is in position on the wall.  Put several strips of masking tape across the board to hold it in place.   Place the mirror on top of the board and have someone hold the mirror in place while you’re marking the exact location.

  3. Apply the glue on the back of mirror at least an inch in from the outer edge. Apply all the way around the back of the mirror, and put several beads in the middle.

  4. Hold the mirror following the lines you made on the wall. When the mirror is in place, press the mirror against the wall.

5.  Use masking tape to hold the mirror while it dries.  Wait for the glue to dry.  After 24 hours, you can remove the masking tape strips and the board