Home Areas You Usually Forget To Clean

While these areas of your home are the most frequent to overlooked during your cleaning, these can be a safe place for germs.

  • Underneath and behind furniture. This is the favorable spot for dust and mites.  Move heavy furniture and vacuum the dust gathered behind or underneath your furniture.

  • Inside kitchen drawers. Give your drawers a fresh start. Remove everything inside of the drawers, wipe with cloth moistened with vinegar cloth, then return the items.



  • Under rugs. Keep your rugs and floors in good condition. Move the furniture aside, roll up the rug and vacuum underneath. Do this at least twice a year.

  • Hands are the great carriers of germs.  Give the front door and bathroom doorknobs a regular wipe inside and out with vinegar or soapy water.


  • Light switches. This item comes into human contact several times a day.  Clean this surface with a cloth moistened with vinegar or any antibacterial cleaner.

  • Light fixtures and lamps. These can accumulate an amazing amount of dust over time. Clean your light fixtures with a duster or soft microfiber cloth.  Before cleaning, be sure that the switches are off.