Stunning Beaded Christmas Angel

Dec 4, 2015



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To make a beaded Christmas angel;

  •  First, you have to put seed beads and medium crystal beads in safety pins.  You could easily make these with larger pins (gold or silver).  You could also use different colored beads.

  • Cut a piece of thin wire (bendable wire), make a loop on one end to stop beads falling off as you thread.

  • String the safety pins in a wire with alternate large crystal beads and medium pearls. Continue to string alternating beads and safety pins, making sure that all the safety pins are around the same way.

  • Make a circle of the wire so that skirt will be formed, then twist the free wire ends around itself to secure them, and trim off the excess.

  • Cut a thin wire, string this piece through the other end of each of the safety pins to create the top of the skirt.  Again, twist the ends of the wire to secure and trim the excess.

  • Cut a long piece of super thin wire (for the wings and hands). Loop this piece through the skirt so you have about half  on each side.  Put a large crystal bead onto one side of the wire, then thread the other end of the wire through the bead the other way around so that the bead sits across the top of the skirt to form the body.

  • String seed beads onto each piece of wire and bend to form the wings.

  • Onto each wire string an oval bead, a seed bead, another oval bead and a seed bead.  Fold the wire back around through the first three beads to form the arms.  Loop the wire once around the base of the wings so that the wire points upward.

  • Thread both pieces of wire through the extra large pearl bead for the head. On top of the head, add crystal seed beads for the halo. Twist the wire to secure.

  • Loop the wire for hanging and trim the excess.  Here it is!  You have just made an adorable beaded angel!