How to Make Paper Mache Disco Ball

You don’t have a disco ball for your party?    This easy to make disco ball will save your money, and surely your party will shine.

You will need:


Large Balloon


2 Bowls (1 for mixing glue and water, and another 1 to hold the balloon)

Cover your table with some newspapers to protect from any glue spills.

Tear the newspapers into strips then put to one side.

Blow up the balloon and place in a bowl.

Mix glue and some water in the second bowl.  If you think it’s too thick just add some.  Mix well.

Dip the newspaper strips into glue mixture then squeeze off excess.

Smooth strips onto balloon.  Repeat this process three times until the whole balloon is covered.

Leave to dry overnight.

Poop the balloon and remove it from the center.  Leave a hole for hanging.

Add more layers to get the required thickness and strength.  Reinforce the top of the ball with several extra layers.

Paint the entire ball gray or black (or any color you would prefer}.  Allow to dry completely,

Begin applying the mirror tiles using glue.  Make a straight row of the tiles around the middle of the ball.  Keep adding rows until it reach the top and the bottom