6 Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Dec 14, 2015



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Save money for your gift wraps by recycling and using inexpensive crafts.

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Scrap Wrapping Papers

Don”t throw your scraps!

Wrap your gift in a plain paper.  Wrap the strips vertically around the box, leaving a little space in between each.  Then, wrap the strips around the box horizontally.  Weave each strip in and out of the vertical strips, alternating over and under. Repeat until you create a woven effect and you have reach you desire width.

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The “Jingle Bells” sheet music used to create an amazing gift wrap.  Karen Bartolomei of Grapevine used the “Jingle Bells” sheet music; she enlarged it on a copier, and printed it onto thick paper.  For finishing touches she added some ornaments.

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Elegant Gift Bag

By adding simple embellishments, ordinary brown paper bags are transformed into elegant wrappings. Lace ribbons through two small holes in the flap of a bag, then tie a millinery fruit into the knot.

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Vintage-feel wrap

Vintage-look papers, buttons and lace brown ribbons make great handcrafted packages.

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Mix Tape

Plain Kraft paper is dressed up with colorful masking tapes, and then the frayed striped drinking straws used as a topper.

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Sweet idea

Plain paper, folded cupcake liners and twine go together for a simple but unusual wrap.  Use different sizes of cupcake liners.