Contemporary Style Decorating

Jul 20, 2015



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Do you prefer a clean, uncluttered look? Do you like for your home to make a statement? Are you drawn toward bold yet sophisticated furnishings and spaces? Then contemporary style decorating may be for you.

Contemporary style interiors came into vogue in the late 20th century and derived its look from many influences. When sleek Italian-designed goods and other sophisticated European furnishings began making their way into the American market, the contemporary design style boomed overnight.

Contrary to popular belief, the contemporary style home is rarely stark or cold, but instead seeks to combine the ideas of comfort and sophistication. One of the most common design styles, the contemporary style is never fussy, but instead focuses on line, tone and texture.


  • Typical characteristics of a Contemporary style space:
  • Neutral color palette with “pops” of bold color
  • Clean lines and smooth surfaces
  • Soft curves, but avoids the ornate or ornamental
  • Reflective materials such as chrome, steel and glass
  • Natural fabrics with a focus on texture and tone
  • Use of black and/or white
  • Geometric patterns or shapes
  • Sleek cabinetry and lighting (built-ins, recessed)

The Contemporary design style is often confused with Modern but actually the two are very different styles, though both tend to favor simple, uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean lines. The Modern style is an older style that originated during the late 19th century, but from whom Contemporary design derived some of its ideas.