15 Cool Ways to Design a Barbecue Grill Area

Enjoy barbecue with friends and family when the evenings and weekends are free. So, if you also want to add a barbecue grill area to your home’s outdoor, take a look at these cool ideas below:



1. Give It a Vintage Look 

Vintage2. Place The Grill Inside a Corrugated Metal Shed

Corrugated Metal Shed3. Accompany The Grill with a Built-In Bench

Built-In Bench4. Build a Concrete Table 

Concrete Table5. Go for An All Stone Grilling Area 

Stone Grilling Area6. Build a Two Level Island for The Grill to Combine Cooking and Serving

Two Level Island7. Install a TV Screen for Yet More Entertainment

TV Screen8. Install The Grill On a Deck

Deck9. Go For All White Appliances

White Appliances10. Install The Grill in a Niche Enclosure


Niche Enclosure11. Design in a Rustic Way

Rustic Way12. Build a Pergola

Pergola13. Design with Moroccan Theme

Moroccan14. Hang Strings of Lights for Making Everthing Magical

Lights15. Get Inspiration from a Surf Shack for a Fun Outlook

Surf Shack